Compare income payouts on annuities
from top highly-rated companies. 

Annuities are perfect for some investors. Annuities do have their advantages: lifetime income, inflation protection, and principal protection… — ABC News

“You should begin by annuitizing enough of your assets so that you can provide for 100% of your minimum acceptable level of retirement income. Annuitization provides the only viable way to achieve this security without spending a lot more money.”
Wharton Financial Institutions Center – Wharton School of Business

“Annuities today also offer added benefits that provide a guaranteed lifetime stream of income which won’t decrease when the market performs poorly, but which has the potential to grow when the markets perform well.” — Wall Street Journal

Innovative “hybrid” annuities give you the best of two worlds – a guaranteed lifetime income without giving up control of your money, and growth based on the performance of the market with no downside risk. With literally hundreds of choices available, without help it is almost impossible to come to an informed decision on the right one for you. That’s why we research and provide customized reports based on your individual situation.

Your report will be prepared by a licensed annuity specialist.

While there is no cost or obligation for this information, it does take time to prepare each report.

We insist on having a valid phone number before we will work on any request. Usually clarification is needed to provide the best possible info to you. If you are not willing to talk to us then please go bother someone else. We don’t have time for “tire-kickers”. Help us help you.


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